Fir Fir Fir Cup

Fir Fir Fir Cup


The Fir Fir Fir Cup is the latest addition to our Scandinavian homeware collection by House Of Rym. The cup is made from 100% porcelain with a illustration of the mighty Scandinavian fir tree designed by Elisabeth Dunker.

The cups are packaged in their own printed cardboard box making them a great gift for any tea or coffee lover.

The cup will hold 22cl and is 100% porcelain and dishwasher safe.

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House of Rym Cup Fir Fir Fir Cup

The delightful House of Rym Fir Fir Fir cup is designed by Swedish designer Elisabeth Dunker and highlights the natural beauty of the Scandinavian fir tree.

The Fir Fir Fir cup combines contemporary Swedish design with traditional Tunisian handcrafts. A unique quality created by the founders of the interiors brand, Rym Tounsi and Zied Youssef, combining both of their cultural heritages.

House of Rym work with talented Swedish designers to create contemporary pieces made to last. Elisabeth Dunker is a key designers and also the founder of Fine Little Day. Another of our favourite Scandinavian homeware brands. Take a look at Elisabeth’s blog for a glance into her Nordic lifestyle and shop our Fine Little Day collection.

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Weight 250 g