Storage Bag – Paper

Storage Bag – Paper

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This storage bag for paper is made from durable double-ply reinforced paper and is designed to used again and again. The storage bag is designed by German design studio Kolor and is perfect as a pleasing alternative to a paper recycling bin.

The paper storage bag can be folded, scrunched, and rolled whilst maintaining its durability. Once placed, it can be arranged into shape and the top can be rolled down to a suitable size. Use it for recycling or for storage in the workplace.

Screen printed with a neon pink ‘paper’ text. The bags measure 550 x 840 mm. The Kolor Storage Bags are also available for toys, stuff, clothes and plastic.

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Paper Storage Bag

Kolor is a German design studio based in Berlin. The studio have a passion for colour and design functional products and furniture for the home. These durable paper storage bags are built to last. They’re designed to be a pleasing alternative to storage containers and bins.

The paper storage bag is made from double-ply reinforced paper giving it a strength that will stand the test of time. The paper storage bag can be folded, scrunched, and rolled all the while maintaining its durability. The bags can be used many times over and filled to the brim then re-used again.

Use the storage bag for paper recycling in the workspace, or to tidy away rolls of wrapping paper.

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