Stormont Marbled Wrapping Paper

Stormont Marbled Wrapping Paper

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This beautiful wrapping paper is designed by British design studio Esme Winter in collaboration with marbled paper artist Jemma Lewis.

Stormont Marbled Paper is made using a traditional marbling technique which dates back to 19th Century France and is a beautifully tactile paper that will add the finishing touch to a special gift.

The paper is 487 x 700mm 100gsm FSC Assured Rough Ivory Paper and is printed using vegetable-based inks in England.

Wrapping paper is sent neatly folded in an envelope as a large letter or if you buy 10 or more of any sheets of wrapping paper it will posted in a tube.

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Marble Wrapping Paper | Esme Winter

Esme Winter is a British design studio creating high quality stationery and decorative paper. The Marble Wrapping Paper collection is made in collaboration with Jemma Lewis, a traditional marbling studio based in Wiltshire, UK. The entire Esme Winter collection combines a distinctive graphic style and traditional warmth that comes from the printed page.

We love the classic style of each of the cards and papers, each one created with a patient and considered approach to design and pattern application. The Stormont Marbled Wrapping Paper is made with incredible quality and thoughtful design.

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