Traveller’s Playing Cards

Traveller’s Playing Cards


This deck of Traveller’s Playing Cards is not your average set of cards. Whilst sitting a playing a quick game of rummy you can also be brushing up on your useful phrases in French, Spanish and English.

The deck comes with 54 cards (four complete suits and two jokers) each with a phrase for the modern traveller.

Handy phrases include ‘Do you have a map’, ‘Would you take a photo please?’ and ‘Please speak slowly’ all listed in English, French and Spanish for wherever your travels may take you.

Designed by Tom Froese.

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Traveller’s Playing Cards

These Traveller’s Playing Cards are for adventurers looking to throw back to traditional travel games. The set of 54 cards is suitable for all the classic card games that are ideal for killing time at the airport or for a quick game on the campsite before bed.

Best of all, whilst having all this fun you can also pick up some useful modern day phrases in French, Spanish and English. Each of the cards a useful phrase to help you with those moments when you need to know where the nearest cashpoint is, or what the time is or (and this one applies to us) for when you need to avoid those awkward moments and let someone know you’re vegetarian.

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